Damp Defender is manufactured by Dampp-Chaser Corporation. Established in 1947, Dampp-Chaser is a family-owned business that manufactures and supports products which provide humidity control for small, enclosed spaces.

Water Drop

From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Hendersonville, NC, USA, we serve an international market. Constant product review and frequent contact with both end-users of our products and technical personnel in the field have earned us a worldwide reputation for product development, product quality, and exceptional customer service.

Dampp-Chaser Values

Dampp-Chaser prioritizes its customer base, charitable causes, employee benefits, and takes pride in its family-ownership which has been passed down for generations.

President Gayle Mair, bases Dampp-Chaser’s core decisions on three essential values: honesty, creativity, and community & diversity. Honesty elicits mutual respect and trust within each other. Creativity is encouraged to prompt individuals to think outside of the box in efforts to be innovative. Community and diversity are a must at Dampp-Chaser as it creates a desirable work environment with meaningful workplace relations. All these values combined make for a healthy work environment made up of employees who care about their work and strive to provide high-quality products.