What size should I buy?

There are multiple sizes available of the Damp Defender dehumifier. Consider the size of your space and choose the option that seems most relevant for your needs. To combat allergies, choose the longest dehumidifier that will fit under beds and chest of drawers. For large storage areas, use multiple units.

  • 18-inch (46 cms)
    Ideal for spaces: 3′ W x 4′ L (1.00 x 1.30 m)
  • 24-inch (61 cms)
    Ideal for spaces: 4′ W x 4′ L (1.30 x 1.30 m)
  • 36-inch (92 cms)
    Ideal for spaces: 4′ W x 6′ L (1.30 x 2.00 m)
  • 48-inch (122 cms)
    Ideal for spaces: 5′ W x 8′ L (1.60 x 2.40 m)

Is there an installation requirement?

You can simply plug in the dehumidifier and set it on the floor of your enclosed space and it’s ready to go. However, we do provide a pair of brackets and screws in case you want to mount it to the baseboard.

Dehumidifier mounting options

Does my space need to be airtight?

No, in fact it should not be air tight. Damp Defender is designed to work in a confined but not sealed space; small gaps allow proper air circulation.

Is Damp Defender safe?

Yes, Damp Defender is completely safe! It is UL Certified for safety and has continued to meet the stringent safety standards of electrical testing agencies worldwide since the product’s invention in 1947.

Will Damp Defender Burn Surrounding Surfaces?

Not at all! Damp Defender is designed to increase enclosed spaces by only 2 to 4 degrees. We recommend keeping it a reasonable distance from your belongings so it can efficiently circulate air.

How Can I Become a Distributor?

Please contact sales@dampp-chaser.com for our distributor policy.