I recently sold my house and during a conversation with our buyer’s realtor, it came up that I worked for the company that manufacturers the Storage Dehumidifier. He suddenly got very excited and went on and on regaling me with personal stories about how our product was a life saver.

He happens to own several rental properties in the area and installs the Storage Dehumidifier under kitchen sinks, bathroom vanities and various other places where he routinely encounters mold and mildew building up. It all started when a friend of his told him about the product and how it could help him with the problems he was encountering. He decided to give it a try and was amazed when, a year after installing the first trial Storage Dehumidifier, there was no hint of mold or mildew under the kitchen sink. Time to buy more!

He absolutely loves how many hours of clean up it saves him when he changes tenants, not to mention how much more eager prospective tenants are to rent from him after viewing the property.