Make Moves With A Portable Dehumidifier

Ready to get on the road… or water this summer? Before you go on your next adventure, make sure that your favorite toy is ready for action and not too damp and musty after being in storage through the winter months.

rv dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifier

Love jumping in your RV and seeing the world? When you are on the road, you spend a lot of time inside your RV or camper, and you want to make sure that the air is clean and free of mildew or mold.

Letting your camper store all winter may be a must, but you can properly take care of it in the off-season with a dehumidifier. Ensure that your family is breathing clean air on this year’s road trip by installing a Damp Defender Dehumidifier before you hit the road.



boat dehumidifier

Boat Dehumidifier

Nothing says summer like boating, but with warm weather coming, is your boat prepared to go out on the water? 

The enclosed nature of a boat’s cabin, coupled with exposure to water and moisture, creates an ideal breeding ground for excess humidity. Excessive moisture levels can lead to unpleasant odors, mold growth, and even damage to the boat’s interior surfaces.

If you have an enclosed interior with access to electricity, the Damp Defender dehumidifier can help protect your boat all year long.



Storage Unit Dehumidifier

Are your favorite summer toys stored in a storage unit in the off-season?  Even climate-controlled storage units can end up damp and musty when not getting enough fresh air.

Preserve the optimal performance of your cherished summer favorites such as bikes, motorcycles, and more, ensuring they’re in top-notch condition when the weather finally permits their use.

Please note that the storage unit must have access to an electric outlet to use the Damp Defender dehumidifier.


What’s especially great about the Damp Defender dehumidifier is that even at its largest size, it is lightweight and portable. So don’t just leave it on the road- take it with you! 

Don’t know what size is best for you? With four size ranges, from 18″ in length to 48″ in length, the Damp Defender should fit in most cars or RVs. Simple to use anywhere that there is an electric source.

Learn more about sizing and ideal space on the Damp Defender product page.

Not the right space for you. The Damp Defender dehumidifier works throughout the home in many uses. Check out all benefits and uses here.